Adding Value to Spain, December 2022

Inspired by Mohanji and his activities, active volunteers of the global Mohanji Foundation, Monika Nedic and Mina Obradovic traveled to 6 cities in Spain

Act 4 Sri Lanka November 2022

Key Highlights for November Started distributing food to another village, 110 lunch parcels were sent three days a week. Continued to supply the first

Act 4 Ukraine September 2022

The ACT 4 Ukraine team of volunteers is actively involved in humanitarian activities, arranging food donations and medical supplies, working hard to deliver the

Act 4 Sri Lanka September 2022

As the very first project under the ACT4Srilanka ACT, has launched its community kitchen with the objective of serving simple, nutritious, good-quality vegan meals

Act 4 Ukraine July 2022

Highlights of the month A 30-ton lorry full of food and toiletries was sent. Van acquired for Ukraine deliveries. Washing machines, dryers, and commercial

Act 4 Ukraine August 2022

Food donations were the focus of the month. The ACT 4 Ukraine team of volunteers worked hard, reaching out to families and facilities, arranging

Act 4 Sri Lanka August 2022

Background Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis in its history. The fuel and gas supply has been suspended to the entire country

Act 4 Sri Lanka October 2022

Key Highlights for October Started distributing food to a nearby village, 70 lunch parcels were sent every day. The total number of meals served

Adding Value to Morocco, October 2022

Recently, Mohanji was invited as a guest to the Vegfest Morocco, the first vegan festival in the country, organized by a motivated group of

Act 4 Ukraine June 2022

The humanitarian work and activities were further enhanced in Ukraine. The month of June was marked by focused significant food deliveries, initiation of mental

Act 4 Ukraine May 2022

The humanitarian work continued in full enthusiasm to stand in unity and be part of the journey of the internally displaced Ukrainian families. The

Act 4 Ukraine April 2022

The impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to be felt significantly. However, so does the unconditional support and love pouring in from
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