Mohanji is a friend of the world, a person trying to raise the awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness. His mission is to wake up kindness in the hearts of people.

He has dedicated his life to serving the world with this single purpose – to raise humans to achieve the highest values of human potential such as kindness, compassion and non-violence. Or in other words, make the transition from humankind to kind humans.

Mohanji firmly believes that humanity is the best religion for humans and the best practice is ahimsa, or non-violence – in thoughts, words or actions towards fellow beings across all species.
His core teaching is simply “Be You” – accept, understand, recognise and express your uniqueness in the world.

Mohanji has founded various global platforms for people to express themselves through acts of compassion and kindness that add value to society.
Mohanji is married to Devi Mohan, and they have a daughter together – Mila Mohan.

“True wealth is what we give to earth, not what we take”

Founder of various

Mohanji’s key teaching is to lead a life of humanity rooted in nonviolence. In living with the conviction to leave the world a better place, Mohanji has founded many organizations that have a clear focus on the upliftment of society at large:

Ammucare Charitable Trust

Founded in 2003 in the name of his late daughter Ammu, who passed away in a tragic road accident on August 23rd, 2000. Ammucare aims to empower people to be self-sufficient. It is active across 23 states in India and provides food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare to those in need. This is a platform completely run by volunteers.

ACT Foundation

was also founded in 2003, and provides food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare to the needy in 23 countries. Act 4 Hunger unites the food activities of all Mohanji Platform under a sole vision to provide plant-based, cruelty free food beyond the boundaries of species.

Mohanji Foundation is headquartered in Switzerland, registered in 17 countries with a presence in 90 countries. The foundation aims to bring righteousness, love, compassion, kindness and selflessness into the world through practices that lead to finding oneself. These practices include meditations, guided techniques, Q&A discussions, kriyas and various other methods that expand on Mohanji’s core teaching of “Be You”. 

World Consciousness Alliance

World Consciousness Alliance unites artists, entertainers, musicians and legends in their field to raise the consciousness of a generation to a new mindset of compassion and kindness using the domains of performing arts like music and dance.

Himalayan Academy of Traditions

Himalayan Academy of Traditions brings the ancient and authentic traditions of sacred Bharat to the world., ,

Advisory Roles

Mohanji acts in an advisory capacity for many organizations, leaders and movements across the world. He readily supports, encourages and gives guidance for the work that promotes the teachings of Bharat (Ancient India) and the principles of Sanatan Dharma, the ultimate truths. Salient responsibilities include:

Advisor for the Shree Jagannath Temple Trust in the UK that is working to establish a grand temple for Lord Jagannath (Puri) in London, UK.

Advisor to the Moksha Trust and Kshetrapalaka Trust, both of which are restoring the ancient destroyed and dilapidated temples of India.

Co-chair of WELL International, New York, applies the science of physical and social environments to benefit the health, well-being.


Mohanji possesses a uniquely direct but elegant power of articulation to express his teachings. To date, he has many books to his credit, such as:

These have been translated into many languages and are read by people across the world.

Power of Purity

Silence of Shiva

Mast The Ecstatic

Corporate Career (till 2012)

Mohanji was born in India, and after completing a postgraduate in literature, he embarked on a career in the shipping industry in the Middle East that lasted 22 years. Starting as a Sales Executive, Mohanji excelled in his work and progressed quickly in his career. In a short number of years, he held Senior Management positions, finally holding the role of Country Head for 5 countries.

In 2000, his daughter’s tragic loss in a road accident marked a major turning point in his life. A series of personal tragedies followed, which pushed him further on the journey ´to know himself´ and the very meaning and purpose of life. He decided to turn the tragedies of his life into positive action, dedicating his life to the welfare and service of the world.
In June 2012, he decided to move away from his successful corporate career and dedicate himself to serving the world full-time.

Recognitions and Awards

Global Engagements

Main speaker at “ITCC Business Conclave” in Kochi, India

Main speaker at “Global Business Summit 2023 – The Spiritual Way” event in Varanasi, India

Chairman at “The Inter-Faith Unity” conference in Kerala, India

Speaker at KISS – Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Bhubaneswar, India

Chief guest at 15th annual “Interfaith Meet” in Delhi, India

Invited speaker at the Houses of Parliament, Topic: “Selfless service for humanity”, London, UK

Speaker at “Universal Peace Conference” (Universal Peace Centre and Sunyogi Umasankar online conference)

Speaker at Rotary district Conference in San Francisco, USA

Keynote Speaker at “Conscious leadership and ethics summit” in Johannesburg, South Africa

Keynote speaker at “National Interfaith Peace Conference” in Nagpur, India

Main Speaker at “Amrut Manthan” Saints meeting in Shirdi, India

Speaker at Vegan conference (online event by World Vegan Organization and Vegan First)

Guest speaker at “7th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy” organized by MIT World Peace University

Speaker at Rotary club in Eskisehir, Turkey

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