About Mohanji

Mohan Pathirisseri Kesavan, known as Mohanji, is a philanthropist, visionary, humanitarian, public speaker and activist of experiential spirituality and Love beyond all barriers. Well versed as much in pragmatic matters as in inner experience that transcends all religious barriers, Mohanji is a contemporary who delivers the most profound truths with laser-sharp clarity, simplicity and humor. His uniqueness lies in his multidimensionality – be it spirituality, management, social service or family life, Mohanji delivers with equal sincerity and dedication.

Through his work, he delivers life-transforming, authentic experiences to all those who connect to him. He conducts workshops, meditation sessions, wellness retreats in many countries, personal consultancy, charity initiatives, pilgrimage trips to places such as Machu Picchu (Peru), Bosnian Pyramids (Bosnia), Mount Kailas (Tibet) and makes it a point to always be available by phone, email or social media to all those with the sincere desire to evolve spiritually and positively contribute to all life (nature, plant, animal and human).

Mohanji has been invited around the world to meet his followers and has in the past few years travelled to many countries including the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, China, Canada, Netherlands, Nepal, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Peru, Vietnam, and many others.

In simple terms, Mohanji teaches and encourages people to give to the world by living up to their highest potential in terms of Compassion, Kindness and Love. These are not some general feel-good words but are proven in action.

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