Act 4 Ukraine June 2022

The humanitarian work and activities were further enhanced in Ukraine. The month of June was marked by focused significant food deliveries, initiation of mental health activities, celebration of children’s day, and addressing medical needs. It is significant to mention that ACT 4 Ukraine was able to also extend the support to Romania.
Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation, and World Consciousness Alliance stand together and united in the journey of the internally displaced Ukrainian families.

The ACT 4 Ukraine team has been focused on the following areas of impact this month:

  • A Children’s Day Festival was sponsored by ACT 4 Ukraine at Boyani school on June 5th. The  children thoroughly enjoyed a fun day of food, a photo booth, art paper projects and entertainers  with games and dancing. Adults were treated to a movie night and snacks at the local restaurant. 
  • 17.5 tons of food was donated in June. A majority of the food was delivered to the Boyany School  and then transported to various centers from the Boyany School. The residents of Casa Neemia,  Beni’s Social House, assisted in loading this food at the ACT Foundation Romania hub. The food  donations were delivered to: 
    • Over 2 tons of food were delivered to the Chernivtsi Regional Psychiatric Hospital which houses over 500 patients and residents. This facility also received supplies of water, diapers, commercial oven equipment, 10 washing machines, 4 dryers, and 15 benches on their campus. The benches are a part of the mental health initiatives to create more opportunities for social interaction. The director of this facility, Angela Levitska, was also presented Mohanji’s book “Truth” and an ACT4Ukraine shirt
    • The Khotyn Center which houses over 200 women including over 50 women from Donetsk & Luhansk. They were provided with 1 ton of food donation and the installation of shower cabins continued. This facility also received 4 washing machines to be installed on the floors where residents live to provide convenience to staff and residents.
    • The Sadhora institution which houses over 200 Ukrainians received over 1 ton of food, clothing, women’s supplies, and a riding-lawn mower to maintain the facilities in a manner that is conducive for the children and residents to enjoy the outdoors and the park. The director of the institution was also presented with Mohanji’s book “Success.”
    • The Special Needs school of Mahala housing over 50 special needs children including 40 from Luhansk and Donetsk received food, diapers, and the playground renovations were completed.
    • A preschool in Chernivtsi near University was identified which was home to 70 people and nearly 1 ton of food was delivered at this site.
    • school in Petrychanka housing 30 internally displaced Ukrainians received 1 ton of food. After discussion with the staff, it was learned they are in need of microwaves, cots, cleaning supplies and utensils. ACT 4 Ukraine volunteers responded to the call promptly, there were 2 microwaves and 2 cots delivered along with cleaning supplies, pots and pans. Food, water and clothing were also delivered at this facility.
    • A medical facility in Petrychanka housing over 200 female patients in received over 1.5 tons of food.
    • A medical facility in Cheresh housing over 200 male patients received over 1.5 tons of food.
  • Collaboration on projects with the Hands On Global medical team continued. 
  • June 13th marked the day of commencing first English language class for children. English  language classes are the next initiative for ACT4Ukraine in helping Ukrainians address mental  health. 
  • ACT 4 Ukraine action van arrived at ACT Foundation Romania hub, making its first journey to  Ukraine, carrying 1000 kg of food items. A volunteer from ACT UK drove the van from  Hungary to Romania.  
  • On June 28th, 5 benches were delivered to a hospital in Chernivtsi caring for the injured soldiers  to help with their mental health and well-being.   
  • Diabetes medication and equipment were delivered to diabetes patients in Ukraine.
  • ACT 4 Ukraine team and volunteers reached out to additional people in need including:
    •   Home for the elderly in Chernivtsi 
    • Psychoneurological house in village of Nyzhni Petryvtsi, housing 180 people in the home  for the elderly in psychoneurology. 
    • Met village head, Volodymyr Lupai of the Vanchykivtsi community where 432 migrants  live on the territory of the community. 
    • Connected with Father Martin at the church of the village of Boyani where 20 settlers  prepare their own food. 
    • Met Micheal Seidel, director of the boarding house in the village of Magala, housing 57  children. 
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