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Food donations were the focus of the month. The ACT 4 Ukraine team of volunteers worked hard, reaching out to families and facilities, arranging for food donation, medical supplies and toiletries. A total of 2090 Kg of food was donated to various locations:

Leorda Personal Care Home, there are 70 people at this facility. The ACT4Ukraine volunteers delivered 553.15 kgs food plus gowns, masks, aprons, Paracetamol, toilet paper at this facility.

Vladeni Personal Care Home, taking care of 30 people. The volunteers donated 554.95 kgs food, medical gowns, masks and aprons, toilet paper, and Paracetamol.


Dorohoi Care and Assistance Center, the ACT4Ukraine team reached out to this center and donated 357.45 kgs of food, medical gowns and aprons.

Cordareni (social worker Miruna Lenesu), housed 30 senior citizens here. Act4Ukraine volunteers donated 29 bags of food, totaling 337.27 kgs along with toilet rolls.

Cordareni, there were 21 families living in poverty, the ACT4Ukraine team of volunteers donated boxes of food totaling 288.2 kgs of food.