Act 4 Ukraine July 2022

Highlights of the month

  • A 30-ton lorry full of food and toiletries was sent.
  • Van acquired for Ukraine deliveries.
  • Washing machines, dryers, and commercial cooking equipment provided.
  • Showers and toilets were built.
  • Meditation, Yoga, Conscious Dancing, Conscious Walking and Mai Tri sessions conducted for emotional stability.
  • More food, medicines and toiletries were delivered.
  • English tuition classes for children.
  • Team, had discussions with DuoLingo and were able to secure the “paid” version for free for the participants who operate on our platform. This would help in signing up thousands of displaced Ukrainians under our platform and offer them something they can’t get directly. The “free” sponsorship from DuoLingo will be tremendous in being able to use their tech to create and coordinate personal
  • Act 4 Ukraine had their first call with a very talented team of psychologists in Ukraine and another organization who can provide training support in PTSD.
  • The team distributed family hamper boxes at the Church Boarding Home in Boyany and a large bulk food delivery at Orphanage Romashka in Orshivtsi village
  • The team delivered a new wheelchair to a 37-year old man, replacing the wheelchair he had been in for 30 years. The wheelchair since long had become too tight to be comfortable, however the family could not afford another wheelchair.
ACT 4 Ukraine and ACT Romania team, Mirca and Chai visited an elderly care home in Broscauti, a village about 18km away from Dorohoi. This private old people’s home takes care of 22 elderly men and women aged between 70 to 100 years. Most of them are wheelchair bound and bedridden and there was a need for food and fresh vegetables. The team will visit them again to provide some fresh vegetables in need.
The team also met the representative from the mayor office of Dorohoi and discussed providing food to a local dog shelter which takes care of more than 200 dogs. The washers are installed at the Chernivtsi Regional Psychiatric Hospital.
ACT 4 Ukraine sent off another lorry from the UK. The lorry carried 29 pallets full of food, medicines, medical equipment such as wheelchairs and other essential aid items. All goods were either donated or paid for by donations. The lorry was received at our hub in Romania by a team of volunteers, amongst which 6 members of the Mohanji Youth Club. The Mohanji Youth Club members helped distribute these items in Ukraine.
These young people were very enthusiastic to help distribute the aid items in Ukraine and to reach out the displaced by running various workshops such as yoga, play sessions and art classes.
The “The Compassion Van” had its first ride into Ukraine. Gratitude was the main expression wherever the Compassion Van showed up, from recipients of the goods as well as the volunteers. A potato peeler machine was ordered for the boarding house for men in the church near Boyani school.
Medicines were provided to Natalia, an insulin-dependent woman of 74 years. And for two-year-old twin girls. They have age-related enzyme deficiency of the pancreas and nervous tic.
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