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With the aim of alleviating poverty regardless of belief, ethnicity or origin, the Foundation fulfills social and humanitarian tasks by supporting the needy with donations of a financial or material nature. The Foundation contributes to the protection of nature, the environment and the well-being of all living beings through its own projects and the support of other non-profit organizations.

Who is Mohanji

Mohan Pathirisseri Kesavan, known as Mohanji, is a philanthropist, visionary, humanitarian, public speaker and activist of experiential spirituality and Love beyond all barriers. Well versed as much in pragmatic matters as in inner experience that transcends all religious barriers, Mohanji is a contemporary who delivers the most profound truths with laser-sharp clarity, simplicity and humor.
Ahimsa (non-violence) is my religion, peace is my path, discussion is my method, seva (selfless service) is my expression, unconditional love is my base.

Our Activities

ACT 4 Hunger

With a network of volunteers from over one hundred cities across the world, Act 4 Hunger continues to work towards its joint mission of ‘Food for All’ beyond all boundaries of religion, race and species.

ACT 4 Ukraine

Providing support to all affected by the war in Ukraine.

ACT 4 Sri Lanka

Serving nutritious, vegan meals and providing healthcare to all those affected by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.
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