Mohanji International Foundation

With the aim of alleviating poverty regardless of belief, ethnicity or origin, the Foundation fulfills social and humanitarian tasks by supporting the needy with donations of a financial or material nature. The Foundation contributes to the protection of nature, the environment and the well-being of all living beings through its own projects and the support of other non-profit organizations.

What can we do, each one of us, to make the world better, and to make ourselves better?

Ahimsa (non-violence) is my religion, peace is my path, discussion is my method, seva (selfless service) is my expression, unconditional love is my base.

Who is Mohanji?

Mohan Pathirisseri Kesavan, known as Mohanji, is a philanthropist, visionary, humanitarian, public speaker and activist of experiential spirituality and Love beyond all barriers. Well versed as much in pragmatic matters as in inner experience that transcends all religious barriers, Mohanji is a contemporary who delivers the most profound truths with laser-sharp clarity, simplicity and humor.

A small group of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to support Mohanji in his drive to add value to society and to bring his timeless and simple teachings to the wider world.


Mohanji’s vision is to create a platform for active philanthropy beyond all man-made barriers of religion, caste, race, class, gender, etc., and to encourage as many as possible to support and uplift the helpless and needy by providing resources and services such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine/medical treatment and education.
Mohanji Peace Centre, Slovenia
This centre is the pinnacle of Mohanji’s vision of inner work coupled by the healing power of nature. Indeed, peace on earth starts in our inner space, with our inner peace, our ability to deal with self-sabotaging beliefs, fears, guilt, anxieties, inability to accept ourselves the way we are and other traps of mind.
A4H homepage
Act4Hunger is a neutral, umbrella platform under which various organisations perform the actual food service. Hence, this unites the food service activities of Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation and Ammucare. More partner organisations such as World Consciousness Alliance and other institutions whose values are aligned with ours can join this platform as well.

True wealth comes from what we give to this earth, not from what we take

Your donation will support the Mohanji International Foundation to add value to humanity and the world at large.
Every contribution counts.

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Everyone has something to give. It can be a skill, a craft, a hug or our time. Join us on the path to a better world ruled by peace, harmony and love