Mohanji’s vision is to create a platform for active philanthropy beyond all man-made barriers of religion, caste, race, class, gender, etc., and to encourage as many as possible to support and uplift the helpless and needy by providing resources and services such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine/medical treatment and education. Moreover, with consistent displays of genuine love and kindness keeping the inner world clean, the larger purpose is to create peace and non-violence in the internal and external environment. Mohanji works throughout the world to provide resources and services that empower and uplift the helpless and needy. For all our activities there are no restrictions based on caste, color, religion, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.

Mohanji Peace Centre, Slovenia

At the heart of Europe, in the vicinity of the magnificent Alps, among the green hills and vineyards of St. Ana, easily accessible by modern asphalt roads and 5 airports within 2 hours of driving distance, is the intact nature that houses the future safe haven of inner peace, alignment, self-healing and upliftment at all levels – Mohanji Peace Centre in Slovenia.
This centre is the pinnacle of Mohanji’s vision of inner work coupled by the healing power of nature. Indeed, peace on earth starts in our inner space, with our inner peace, our ability to deal with self-sabotaging beliefs, fears, guilt, anxieties, inability to accept ourselves the way we are and other traps of mind. In Mohanji Peace Centre, we get to realign with the highest within us, in the loving support of Mother Nature, through the optimum use of elements. Through Mohanji’s guidance, we learn how to utilize the element of fire for purification, water for balancing, earth for grounding, how to connect with our breath at a deeper level breathing the fresh air in specific ways and truly enter the silence within.
At Mohanji Peace Centre, people from all walks of life and all religious or cultural backgrounds are welcome. Freshly served vegan food and holistic approach to health and life support the process of alignment and self-healing at all levels.

Support this project that promises to carry the immeasurable benefits for generations to come.


The vision, as inspired by Mohanji, is to build a global brand dedicated to serving food to those in need. The motto of this brand is “food beyond species”, a recognition that all species are alike. We also recognise that hunger is a universal emotion and serving to appease this is the most noble charity.
Act4Hunger is a neutral, umbrella platform under which various organisations perform the actual food service. Hence, this unites the food service activities of Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation and Ammucare. More partner organisations such as World Consciousness Alliance and other institutions whose values are aligned with ours can join this platform as well.

Why Donate?

The simple answer is to alleviate hunger. Food is the most basic requirement for sustenance of an individual, human or animal. Alleviating the hunger of an individual is one of the most worthwhile charitable activities that anyone can do as it provides direct and immediate relief. By donating to A4H you are supporting an organisation that aspires to alleviate hunger across the world for ALL species. We serve vegan food as we believe that it is better to serve food which is produced without cruelty. Alleviating hunger by exploitation and cruelty to another being is counterproductive. One of our core beliefs is Ahimsa (non violence) hence we are unique in that we alleviate hunger by serving vegan food which is good for the individual, good for the planet and good for the animals.

Support this project to help us fulfill our vision to allevate hunger.

ACT 4 Ukraine

The vision, as inspired by Mohanji, is to build a global brand dedicated to serving food to those in need. The motto of this brand is “food beyond species”, a recognition that all species are alike. We also recognise that hunger is a universal emotion and serving to appease this is the most noble charity.
Through the ACT 4 Ukraine initiative, Mohanji International Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger volunteers, in collaboration with ACT Foundation, are reaching out a helping hand, supporting all people affected by the crisis, regardless of nationality, religion, and other man-made barriers.
Act 4 Ukraine 4

We are supporting through the following activities:

1. Medical Supplies for the children’s hospital in Ukraine
2. Provision of food, medicines & Toiletries for refugees on the Moldova Border
3. Food for Life in Ukraine (Partnership with ISKCON) – ISKCON organises food deliveries (lentil, rice etc) directly to thousands of Ukrainian people stuck in the underground shelters in various cities.
4. Helping the vulnerable in Odessa, Ukraine – providing baby food, medicine, and diapers and support to children, single mothers and the disabled.
5. Supporting animals & shelters in Ukraine – providing food for the animals abandoned amidst the situation.

If you would like to support any of these activities please reach out to us by email to

Donations may be sent via the following link, by selecting the option "ACT 4 Ukraine"

ACT 4 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis in its history and heading towards a humanitarian crisis. Latest surveys reveal that 86% of households are using at least one coping mechanism such as reducing food intake, including skipping meals. The cost of food inflation is more than 60% and this means people are struggling to feed their families. The reports suggest that malnutrition among children and pregnant women is alarmingly high and the highest in South Asia. In response to this crisis, Mohanji International Foundation, in collaboration with ACT Foundation, aims to establish a hub with an in-house community kitchen in the town of Bandarawela, located in the Badulla district. This is one of the most underprivileged towns with more than 60% of the population living under the poverty line. The kitchen will supply 100 meals a day based on the needs of the underprivileged local community. It is estimated that the project will provide approximately 16,500 vegan meals over a period of 6 months.
The primary objective is to serve simple, nutritious, good-quality vegan meals every day during lunch hour. Given the difficulties in securing packaging materials, the food will only be served to persons walking in with hunger. The kitchen will also pay special attention to providing nutritious vegan food for pregnant and feeding mothers and children less than fifteen years old. The ACT hub will also aim to provide other services such as organizing medical camps, women empowerment, etc. in the future.

Donations may be sent via the following link, by selecting the option "ACT 4 Sri Lanka "

ACT 4 Animals

ACT 4 Animals is a platform of Mohanji International Foundation with the aim of alleviating animal suffering and hunger, mainly by providing food, shelter and medical treatment for treating injuries and disease. The secondary objectives are to improve animal health with medical and vaccination programs, to reduce stray animal populations through sterilization programs, educate the public about animal care, and foster the human-animal bond through programs such as animal therapy.

ACT 4 Africa

There is a desperate need in many areas of Africa where so many people are suffering from lack of food, shelter and clean drinking water. We have launched a project called ACT 4 Africa to expand our activities into more areas of Africa such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria and Madagascar. We will start with our ACT 4 Hunger programmes before expanding to well building, medical care and empowerment programmes.

Disaster Relief

Mohanji International Foundation is supporting people affected by the devastating impact of the earthquake in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Over 8,000 people have died and hundreds of thousands of people made homeless. Through our volunteers on the ground we are sending food, clothing, tents and blankets. If you wish to support this initiative, please click below.