Act 4 Ukraine April 2022

The impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to be felt significantly. However, so does the unconditional support and love pouring in from across the globe. Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation, and World Consciousness Alliance stand together united in the journey of supporting the internally displaced families in and around Ukraine. The hard work and active participation of the volunteers on the ground with intention to deliberately deliver basic necessities, invest in physical infrastructure to make hosting families more efficient and effective, and promote psychological welfare is bearing fruits slowly and steadily.
This service of bringing unconditional love and service to internally displaced families from Ukraine regardless of their nationality, social status, religion and other man-made barriers, has been rewarded by providing ACT volunteers a great learning experience and growth while realizing the possibilities of their true impact.

The ACT 4 Ukraine team has been focused on several areas of impact.

Equipping the schools to serve Internally Displaced Ukrainians

Upon arriving at the schools, the team soon recognized how the schools did not have the necessities to serve a residential occupancy. The team acquired washers & dryers, commercial kitchen equipment to be able to cook and serve hundreds of guests, refrigerators for personal use, electric kennels (for morning coffee and tea), microwaves, and repurposed storage rooms for showers. These are some of the basic things necessary for living with a minimal level of decency i.e., daily showers, clean clothes (since many packed very little in evacuating), and some comforts for regular living. This totaled $13,000 or 72% of the spending in April.

Food & Pharmacy

The team provided food to schools running out of food between government and other charity replenishments. The team also sourced and delivered pharmaceuticals that were suffering from supply chain issues. This totaled $4,000 or 21% of the spending in April.

Mental health

The team engaged in performing arts activities, sports, yoga, and meditation. There were also significant activities associated with Orthodox Easter in the week leading up to April 24th. While the activities provided a much-needed distraction, the team’s presence brought amazing upliftment as the internally displaced Ukrainians appreciated that others would travel far and wide to care for strangers.
For May the team has begun tackling other infrastructure projects including connecting a school to municipal water, providing medical equipment to special needs children, building a playground at a special needs school where 40 special needs children from Donetsk were abandoned, continuing activities at the first 3 schools, and identifying new schools that need aid.
On April 8th the team went shopping at pharmacies and grocery stores and purchased approximately 1400 Euros worth of goods including food, cleaning materials, medicines along with chocolate Easter bunnies for children on Easter. This was delivered at the Boyany school. Our team enjoyed sharing chocolate bunnies, goodie bags, and candies for the children.
Our volunteers never stop finding joy. They enjoyed feeding the birds and the dogs outside.
On April 11th, the team arrived at the Mahala school and delivered food and medical supplies on a day when the existing food supply had been exhausted and no plans for the availability of food for the next day was imminent. There was great excitement and gratitude everywhere. The team also met with the director of the Mahala school and the Boyany school. The directors identified and shared the need for equipment such as a washer & dryer, refrigerator, microwave, pots, pans, bowls, plates, and silverware so that residential living at the schools could be better accommodated. In total $5,000 of supplies and equipment for both schools were purchased. All of these tools are necessary for the schools to be able to help serve the members effectively.
Continuing the fun-filled day, the team visited Mahala school for the second time. The team learned that the appliances and kitchenware purchased are put to great use.
Upon arriving at the Boyany school, the team was welcomed and treated to a wide variety of gifts from the students and performances. The team joined the families in decorating their Easter tree with eggs.
Continuing the fun-filled day, the team visited Mahala school for the second time. The team learned that the appliances and kitchenware purchased are put to great use.
On April 22, the team visited Mahala School for Special Needs children. This school has 40 children, all of whom were abandoned in an urgent attempt to get them out of the dangerous Donetsk region. Following this visit, a number of initiatives were undertaken. It was wonderful to observe the synchronicity of resources coming together in a timely manner.
The team received a request for needed medication for the students at this school. The team was able to purchase some medicines at the pharmacy in Ukraine. The hurdle of needing a prescription from a doctor for medicines was resolved by a team of international medical professionals, from the charity Hands on Global, serving in humanitarian efforts in Ukraine whom the team met during lunch. The medical professional’s team completed an initial assessment at the school.
The idea of improving the park at the school was discussed so that the children would have more equipment to address their sensory needs. These include a special swing, a sandbox, and other equipment that allows them to explore different sensory needs. ACT Foundation volunteer received a call from his friend, who is a part of He committed to funding up to $10,000 towards the park initiative from Khelo.
The school’s water treatment system required immediate attention. The team met with the Mayor of Mahala and an agreement was reached and decided for ACT 4 Ukraine to cover 200,000 UAH and for the city to pay for the balance. This would be completed in 30 days.
April 25th, the team picked up much-needed sports equipment for the primary Mahala school. The team bought the sporting equipment including a soccer goal with a net, a basketball, and nets. The team also bought special toys that help the children with sensory needs to be given to the children at the Mahala Special Needs School.
The entire team then headed to the Mahala Special Needs School where Ulla handed out the sensory-enabling toys to the children and the rest of the team interacted with the children. It was beautiful and emotional to connect and play with the children.
On April 27, the team met with the mayor of the city of Mahala to finalize the agreement for the city to provide water to the School for Special Needs Children. The agreement was finalized and attended by the Mayor, the director of the Special Needs School, Santosh, Sofia, and the administrative staff person for the Chernivtsi School district, Olha Khodoba. It was a joyous moment and the staff expressed deep and sincere gratitude.
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