Act 4 Ukraine May 2022

The humanitarian work continued in full enthusiasm to stand in unity and be part of the journey of the internally displaced Ukrainian families. The month of May marked major milestones in building the relationship and sense of community. The volunteers on the ground continued to work hard, leaving no stone unturned to meet the need of the hour. The volunteers participated in a variety of activities such as delivering basic necessities, promoting psychological welfare for kids and adults, and investing in the physical infrastructure for the orphanage to support the staff caring for the disabled people (physically challenged children).
The month of May also marked the inauguration of the ACT Foundation hub by Devi Mohan, the Global President of ACT Foundation.
Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation, and World Consciousness Alliance stand together and united in the journey of the internally displaced Ukrainian families.

The ACT 4 Ukraine team has been focused on the following areas of impact:

  • Equipment to support basic necessities was delivered which included (i) completion of the showers at the Boyani, (ii) purchase of a larger oven system and electrical equipment upgrades for the Boyani school, (iii) a crib for a special needs child at the Mahala orphanage, and (iv) a hydraulic lift for showering special needs children at the Mahala orphanage,.  These items cost just over $5,000.
  • Psychiatric hospital for women in Khotyn. There are 250 women at this facility of which 50 have arrived here from the Luhansk region.  The facility has only one shower for these women. The oven at the facility is very old and dysfunctional, and the washing machines are very old too. ACT 4 Ukraine funded the construction of additional showers, purchased a commercial oven, and purchased four 16kg laundry machines to be installed on the floors where the residents live.  ACT 4 Ukraine also supplied food and pharmaceuticals.  The total cost of the investments into the Khotyn facility has already cost nearly $5,000 and is expected to be a total of $10,000.
  • Regional Psychiatric Hospital of Chernivtsi.  This facility houses over 400 displaced Ukrainians adult and children.  The laundry and kitchen facilities here are insufficient.  This campus has 14 plus buildings and a large commercial kitchen.  Immediately, the ACT 4 Ukraine team purchased over 14 washers and 6 dryers for this facility and 3,000 adult diapers needed for care.  The team is assessing investments into the kitchen to be purchased in June.  The total cost of the investments into the Regional Psychiatric Hospital of Chernivtsi was over $7,000.
  • Shelter for Victims of Domestic Abuse and Women and Children’s facility known as Sadhora.  This facility houses 210 women and children, of which 20 are victims of domestic violence.  The ACT 4 Ukraine team delivered toys for children, women’s hygiene products, baby care products, two microwaves, two hot water kettles, and 3 suitcases full of summer clothes for the children.  The total cost of these investments was over $3,000.
  • Food & Pharmacy.  The team provided food and pharmaceuticals to Khotyn facility, and the Boyany and Mahala schools running out of food between government and other charity replenishments.  The team also delivered pharmaceuticals and women products. These items cost just over $5,000.
  • Mental health and overall wellbeing.  The team engaged in performing arts activities, sports, yoga, and meditation.  The yoga and meditation were very much appreciated. Mai Tri was offered as requested.
  • Animal Shelter in Chernivtsi. Parasite treatments were provided for the stray dogs. Donations were made to build dog houses to shelter the stray dogs in Boyani.
  • Food Delivery.  Approximately 20 tons of food was delivered to the ACT Foundation hub in Romania to be primarily distributed in Ukraine.
  • Sporting Equipment for Mahala and Boyani school.  To keep children engaged in positive activities the sports equipment at these schools were upgraded to include table tennis tables, soccer nets, soccer balls, basketballs, etc.
  • The Yoga Festival was held at the Boyani school for the children and their families.  The festival was a huge success with a lot of involvement of the children, and very uplifting to all. 
  • Additional activities included rock painting classes and singing classes.

Finally, the month concluded with a first class concert at the Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic Hall inviting all internally displaced Ukrainians in the Chernivtsi region.  The concert featured a classical music performance by Ovie Nirgudkar (an accomplished 17 year old pianist), Ukrainian national anthem by a 12 year old displaced Ukrainians we serve (Nana Stepanenko), and 2 monologues by a local resident of Boyany (Alvina Bota).  The performances by Ovie included Beethoven Piano Sonata No 16 in G Major, Opus 31, Sonata Andina I. Alegro Aymara- Gabriela Lena Frank, Chopin Nocturne Opus 72 No. 1,  Chopin Ballade No. 4 in F Minor – Opus 52, and Liszt – Liebestraum No. 3. The monologues performed by Alvina Bota were in Ukrainian and consisted of When the war ends? by Victoria Nevidomskaya, and Psalms of David by Taras Schevchenko.  The families that attended appreciated the uplifting experience, which many had not experienced before, and enjoyed snacks, drinks, music, and dance after the performance.  To watch the performance, you can see it at:  

May 3
children and adults participated in the yoga and hugging yoga session at Boyani and Mahala School. It was well received, the adults felt more peaceful and calm. The children enjoyed the sessions and were all smiles after the yoga.
May 6
The team delivered the sports equipment (soccer nets, soccer ball and badminton equipment) to Boyani school. The children were very excited and immediately started playing together behind the school. Children of all ages were involved.
May 7th Festival at Boyani School
The festival was a huge success with a lot of involvement of the children, and very uplifting to all. It was well attended. Children and adults participated in activities like yoga, seed planting, conscious walking, and some Mai Tri sessions as requested.
Volunteers purchased supplies for the showers at Boyani school. A crib, some medications and UV disinfection lights were also purchased for the orphanage and a hydraulic lift was ordered for use by the staff at the orphanage.
May 16
The volunteers located and purchased parasite treatments for multiple stray dogs being cared for by Kristina in Boyani. The medications were also delivered along with a new collar, longer chain and bed.
Amongst all the work, the team arranged a movie night at Boyani school with popcorn and soda. This was much appreciated by the children.
May 20
Devi Mohan, the Global President of ACT Foundation and board member of Mohanji International Foundation inaugurated the ACT Foundation hub. This was a remarkable achievement by the team. The team worked tirelessly to establish a hub and their efforts paid off. The volunteers unloaded the tons of food donations into the warehouse. Everyone united and enjoyed a meal together following the hard work.
May 22
The volunteers and Devi traveled to Ukraine to deliver a van load of food to the psychiatric hospital at Khotyn. Devi provided meditation training and recorded a meditation video at Boyani school. She conducted Conscious Dancing yoga and meditation.
May 28
ACT 4 Ukraine and the “Through Human Eyes” team collaborated. They visited the women and children’s facility known as Sadhora. Upon evaluation it was noted that the facility will need improved showers, women’s and children’s products, and improved playgrounds along with lawn care equipment, sandbox. The team delivered lots of children’s clothes and baby products which the families loved.
The team delivered and installed a children’s playground at the Boyany school. Inflatable swimming pool, hula hoops, volleyball and soccer balls were also purchased. The kids were playing and so joyful.
Continuing with their collaboration, the team delivered and donated girls’ clothes, an inflatable swimming pool, toys such as hula hoops, volleyball, and soccer ball at Mahala school.
ACT 4 Ukriane volunteer and the “Through Human Eyes” team purchased cleaning products and women’s products for Sadhora, and bought lots of toys for Boyany and Sadhora. Plumbing equipment was purchased for the Khotyn facility. “Through Human Eyes” raised $15,000 and contributed to purchase products, clothes and toys.
May 30
ACT 4 Ukraine, World Consciousness Alliance, and Through Human Eyes hosted a first class concert consisting of classical piano, Ukraine national anthem, and Ukrainian monologues.
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