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“Varanasi Convergence”, 22-24 Nov 2019

Mohanji Foundation was presented at the Unity Earth “Varanasi Convergence” event in Varanasi (Kashi) in India from 21 – 24 Nov 2019.

At this event, Unity Earth, United Religious Initiative (URI) and Teamworks Art joined hands to create a confluence of noble ideas of unity in diversity, cultural refinement and common bonds of love of humanity through interfaith dialogue, lectures and music performances.

On this occasion, Devi Mohan, Global Ambassador of the Mohanji Foundation, spoke about the goals of Mohanji Foundation, importance of social service, and the importance of being natural, conveying important messages on three occasions.

“I was privileged to speak on behalf of the Mohanji Foundation at the Benares Hindu University during the Interfaith event on 21 Nov, at the Buddhist Cultural Center in Sarnath on 22 Nov, and on the terrace of a majestic hotel on the banks of river Ganges on 23 Nov. I was happy to meet people from Unity Earth and URI, whose work deeply resonates with the mission and work of Mohanji Foundation. These beautiful new friendships and interactions are weaving a web of love and unity beyond all barriers known to the human mind.”, Devi said.

Devi Mohan in Israel, February 1-7 2020

Devi Mohan represented the Mohanji Foundation during a week-long historic pilgrimage organized by Unity Earth from 1 – 7 February 2020. This sacred journey was crowned by a majestic U-Nite concert at the Haifa Auditorium, where 1000+ people celebrated unity consciousness through music performances and inspirational talks, including Devi’s talk on behalf of Mohanji Foundation .

There were close to 100 of exceptional individuals who gathered at the Holy Land with the intention of anchoring the vibration of peace and unity through love: indigenous peoples of Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, the American West, Southwest and Plains, Hawaii, Northern Europe, Balkans and Vietnam; rabbis and reverends, a Sufi lineage holder from India, and a priest from the Vatican; an African prince and a Middle Eastern sheikh; an ambassador and the heads of foundations (Mohanji Foundation, the Four Worlds Foundation, etc.); artists, singers, dancers, photographers and filmmakers; and pilgrims, mystics and seekers from many nations. All arrived to the warm hospitality of our partners from Eco-Peace and the United Religions Initiatives, mayors both Arab and Israeli, and representatives of the many faiths that call the Holy Land home.

Mohanji Foundation supports such peace events and pilgrimages that celebrate love, compassion, and unity in diversity anchoring lasting peace on Earth.

Unity Earth