Mohanji Peace Centre, Slovenia

At the heart of Europe, in the vicinity of the magnificent Alps, among the green hills and vineyards of St. Ana, easily accessible by modern asphalt roads and 5 airports within 2 hours of driving distance, is the intact nature that houses the future safe haven of inner peace, alignment, self-healing and upliftment at all levels – Mohanji Peace Centre in Slovenia.

This centre is the pinnacle of Mohanji’s vision of inner work coupled by the healing power of nature. Indeed, peace on earth starts in our inner space, with our inner peace, our ability to deal with self-sabotaging beliefs, fears, guilt, anxieties, inability to accept ourselves the way we are and other traps of mind. In Mohanji Peace Centre, we get to realign with the highest within us, in the loving support of Mother Nature, through the optimum use of elements. Through Mohanji’s guidance, we learn how to utilize the element of fire for purification, water for balancing, earth for grounding, how to connect with our breath at a deeper level breathing the fresh air in specific ways and truly enter the silence within. 

At Mohanji Peace Centre, people from all walks of life and all religious or cultural backgrounds are welcome. Freshly served vegan food and holistic approach to health and life support the process of alignment and self-healing at all levels. 

Support this project that promises to carry the immeasurable benefits for generations to come.