Mohanji International Foundation

After 18 years of Mohanji’s humanitarian work worldwide and with the aim of adding value to the world, Mohanji International Foundation was registered under the direct supervision of the Swiss federal government. While the goal of the Foundation is to create a better world, it does not strive for profit. With the aim of alleviating poverty regardless of belief, ethnicity or origin, the Foundation fulfills social and humanitarian tasks by supporting the needy with donations of a financial or material nature. The Foundation contributes to the protection of nature, the environment and the well-being of all living beings through its own projects and the support of other non-profit organizations.

Board of Directors

Mohanji MIF


Devi MIF

Devi Mohan

Ian Green MIF

Ian Green

Other Prominent Members


Mohanji’s vision is to create a platform for active philanthropy beyond all man-made barriers of religion, caste, race, class, gender, etc., and to encourage as many as possible to support and uplift the helpless and needy by providing resources and services such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine/medical treatment and education.