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Act 4 Ukraine June 2022

ACT 4 UKRAINE JUNE 2022 The humanitarian work and activities were further enhanced in Ukraine. The month of June was marked by focused significant food deliveries, initiation of mental health activities, celebration of children’s day, and addressing medical needs. It is significant to mention that ACT 4 Ukraine was able to also extend the support …

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Act 4 Ukraine May 2022

ACT 4 UKRAINE MAY 2022 The humanitarian work continued in full enthusiasm to stand in unity and be part of the journey of the internally displaced Ukrainian families. The month of May marked major milestones in building the relationship and sense of community. The volunteers on the ground continued to work hard, leaving no stone …

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Act 4 Ukraine April 2022

ACT 4 UKRAINE APRIL 2022 The impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to be felt significantly. However, so does the unconditional support and love pouring in from across the globe. Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation, and World Consciousness Alliance stand together united in the journey of supporting the internally displaced families in and around …

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