Mohanji International Foundation, Act 4 Hunger and ACT Foundation - addressing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Due to the impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many people are suffering terribly and refugees are pouring into neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and Poland.

Through ACT 4 UKRAINE initiative volunteers of Mohanji International Foundation, ACT Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger dedicate themselves to swift action, unconditional support to all who require aid, complete transparency, utmost efficiency, and compassion beyond the boundaries of nationality, religion, and other man-made barriers.

Act for Ukraine campaign by ACT Foundation and Mohanji International Foundation
Happy souls from Ukraine benefitted from the campaign organised by ACT Foundation, Mohanji Foundation and Act 4 Hunger
Kids and elders were donated with much needed items in Ukraine

March 10th, 2022 was a historic day on which Mohanji Foundation and ACT Foundation teams from the entire Balkan region joined hands as one, and organized a swift fundraising initiative to deliver much-needed health supplies, diapers, and food for the newborn babies at the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine.

People lining up to receive the support extended by Mohanji Foundation and ACT Foundation

ACT Romania team met with hospital representatives at the Romanian-Ukrainian border and directly handed over the donation consisting of 83kg of baby food, 890 boxes of medicines, and 39 packs of diapers.

On the 25th of March, the second batch of our humanitarian supplies was delivered to Odessa Region Children’s Hospital in Ukraine. At the Romanian-Ukrainian border, ACT Romania team handed over much need donation of 509 boxes of medicines, 102 kg of baby food, and 53 packages of baby diapers to hospital representatives.

Later on, the team met with volunteers from the UK who partnered up with another charity TEECH, and joined a convoy of 10-ton lorries and vans carrying food, medical supplies, clothing, and hospital equipment across Moldova near the Ukrainian border. Together they are working on creating a hub at the border or Ukraine and Romania, which will be a focal point for all our `ACT 4 Ukraine` volunteers.

If you would like to support our activities as a volunteer, please reach out by email