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As the very first project under the ACT4Srilanka ACT, has launched its community kitchen with the objective of serving simple, nutritious, good-quality vegan meals every day during lunch hour. The menu is simple and includes rice, dhal, a green leaf-based dish, and another vegetable as a standard every day. The kitchen is also paying special attention to providing nutritious vegan food for pregnant and feeding mothers and children less than fifteen years old.

Key Highlights for September

  • ACT/ MIF volunteer from the UK has visited the kitchen and trained the local team with the ACT/MIF values and the way of operation.
  • Recruited a kitchen manager to handle the day-to-day activities of the community kitchen.
  • Conducted a survey of the neighbourhood and identified 15 families from a neighbouring village that required food assistance.
  • Completed a survey of the hub property, identified and fixed the safety hazards in the building and surrounding areas.
  • Secured a broadband internet connection to the property.
  • Purchased a new refrigerator to store vegetables and other cooking ingredients.
  • Served lunch 6 days a week.
  • Served 1300 meals during the month of September.
The kitchen operates six days every week and consistently serves nutritious vegan food to the local underprivileged communities during the lunch hour. The demand for food was steady during September, and it is important to note that the average meals served were approximately 50 every day. The total number of meals served during the September exceeds 1300. The highest number of meals served on a single day during September was 73.
ACT team on the ground has reported that it is heart-melting to see many elderly, sick, and disabled people and school children visiting regularly to have their lunch which is the first meal for many of them. ACT is now looking to increase the number of meals served to around 100 by delivering lunch parcels to a nearby village with a higher number of poor families.

Plan for next month

  • Increase the number of meals served to 100 every day.
  • Serve approximately 3000 meals.
  • Installing a water purifier to provide drinking water.
  • Supply lunch parcels to a nearby village.
  • Increase the volunteer base at the hub.
If you would like to support our activities as a volunteer, please reach out by email