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Key Highlights for October

  • Started distributing food to another village, 110 lunch parcels were sent three days a week. Continued to supply the first village approximately 70 parcels for the remaining three days of operation. The total number of meals served every day has reached approximately 160.
  • ACT/MIF volunteer from UK travelled and spent time in the main kitchen. He also inaugurated another food service in the town of Kotagala.
  • Opened second community kitchen in the north of the country. The second kitchen serves food 3 days a week, on average 95 meals per day.
  • Opened the third food service in the town of Kotagala, serving children in a Sunday school. On average 100 meals every Sunday.
  • Served 4,294 meals during the month of November.
ACT/ MIF team is now operating three community kitchens in Sri Lanka. The main kitchen operates six days every week. The second kitchen operates 3 days a week and the third one operates only on Sundays. All three kitchens consistently serve nutritious vegan food to the local underprivileged communities during the lunch hour. It is important to note that the second and third kitchen operate based on 100% volunteer basis.
The demand for food was steady during November, and it is important to note that the average meals served were approximately 160 every day at our main kitchen. The total number of meals served during November exceeds 4294. The highest number of meals served on a single day during November was 272.
ACT/MIF team on the ground has reported that it is heart-melting to see many elderly, sick, and disabled people and school children visiting regularly to have their lunch which is the first meal for many of them. We are now looking to stabilise our activities in all three locations by increasing the number of team members.
If you would like to support our activities as a volunteer, please reach out by email